Act!vated Story Theatre

Virtual Programs for Students

Clips from "The Tortoise and the Hare" Virtual Program for students

Act!vated Story Theatre takes students along on a voyage of the imagination to foreign lands, distant eras and colorful cultures. Since 1988, thousands and thousands of preschool, elementary and middle school students and their teachers have laughed and learned as Act!vated Story Theatre has held them spellbound during school assemblies all across the U.S.

Theatrical productions now performed virtually. Every school program includes interactive classroom sessions via Zoom.


Folklore and performing arts enrich the lives of children by broadening their perspective and providing them with inspiring and thought-provoking stories. The multicultural folktales in the show are carefully selected to illustrate and encourage positive character traits such as independent thinking, creativity, self-esteem, motivation, determination and respect for others. The virtual school programs also stress the importance of reading, and help instill a fascination with books.

Virtual Program for Schools

Virtual Programs for schools include one week access to the pre-recorded performance for the entire student body and live follow-up sessions for each class. During the live session the performers lead discussions to further develop the students' understanding of the stories and theatre in general. Each session is tailored to the student's grade level and will specifically answer their questions.

Study Guides are provided with educational activities and background information for the teachers to use before the performance to prepare the students and to follow-up after the show.

Rates for Virtual School Programs

$485 - for up to 250 students: includes pre--recorded show (one week licensing) and up to 8 live classroom sessions

$795 - for up to 500 students: includes prerecorded show (two week licensing) and up to 16 live classroom sessions

Send a booking request or call (800) 429-6576 to schedule your school program.

Residency Programs

Week-long Artist-in-Residency programs use the show as a springboard to engage the students in writing, performing and various techniques used to put on a show.

PTO and PTA School Family Nights - ON HOLD until Further Notice

In addition to day time school assemblies the Act!vated Actors love to entertain the whole family. Schools may schedule Family Nights in conjunction with school assemblies or on their own.

The starting time is up to you. Most schools schedule their Family Nights to start between 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. But we are flexible and have even performed at 10:00 pm for a D.R.O.P. (Drop Everything and Read) lock-in program for middle school students.

If food will be provided (good idea) we recommend feeding the families after the show. Please avoid feeding them before or during the program.

The Act!vated Actors will encourage the students during the day time assembly program to bring their parents to school that evening for more act!vated stories!

If day time assemblies are scheduled in combination with a Family Night (highly recommended), different stories will be presented at each so that no one will see the same show twice.

Publicity Materials for school family nights are available online.

After School and Summer Programs

We'll keep the students entertained during after school programs or during summer school. We don't even have to tell them they are learning. It will be our secret!

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