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Artist-in-Residency Programs for Schools

In addition to educational school assemblies, affordable artist-in-residency programs are available to expand upon the learning opportunities. Each residency includes shows for the entire student body and hands-on, minds-on workshops desgned to re-inforce curriculum standards.

Drawing upon extensive experience as performers the Ac!vated Actors make the learning fun, memorable and stimulating. Because the children retain information better when their senses are engaged, tangible objects and physical activities are incorporated whenever possible.

Residency Programs are one day to one week long. The program is tailored to suit your needs and class schedules.

Each residency program begins with a series of performances; followed by a discussion of the presentations with the students and an analysis of the techniques used to give them an understanding of the general principles involved. A family night program is optional.

View Teacher's Guide for Residency Objectives (.pdf) for an example of class objectives and core curriculum and national art standards addressed by grade level in a week long Artist-in-Residency program.

Program Options

Podcasting Folktales (STEAM)

(Third Grade - Jr. High; one week) Students combine storytelling with technology to produce an audio podcast story. As a class the students write, read, record and produce a podcast using computer technology. This course incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics (STEM) learning principals.

Mask Making

(Preschool - Jr. High; 2 days to one week) Students get hands-on experience creating animal masks like the ones used on stage in the show in either simple 2D or 3D (for advanced art students). While the creating ensues, students learn more about the stories and the process in producing a staged production. Each participant makes a mask to keep.

* Additional fee for materials required. Choose from paper plates, construction paper, felt or 3D.

Dance & Drama and How the Ice Cream Cone was Invented

(Elementary - Jr. High; one week)The entire school gets in on the act in this school wide program. Each class spends a week learning a folk dance or short scene to be incorporated into a school wide production of "How the Ice Cream Cone was Invented" to be presented before the entire student body and their parents.

Expository Writing

(3rd grade and up; 1 day to one week) This residency program focuses on writing and is a popular one for getting students ready for testing. The exercises we use are developed and adapted by an award-winning professional writer, and may range from such familiar concepts as clustering to a trigger for creativity that we call The Magic Sentence.

The session begins with collaborative activities designed to reduce inhibitions and effectively demonstrate brainstorming. We then break into smaller groups and progress to opportunities for individual projects.

When students complete the workshops, they have a firmer grasp of the process involved in expressing their ideas and experiences on paper.

From Page to Stage

(Elementary - Junior High) The students focus on the process of creating, writing and rehearsing a show. By the end the students are on stage putting on a show for their peers and parents.

Performing Arts

(Preschool - Junior High; 1 day to one week) This residency teaches self-esteem and team work through theatre arts and physical comedy. Students learn warm-up exercises, and performance art skills such as: theatre, vocal techniques, comedy and mime. Basic theatre terms and history are introduced, as are tips for giving an outstanding performance whether onstage or delivering a book report. At the end of the week long session students perform in a short piece.

American Sign Language Immersion

(all ages, children and adults; 1 day to one week) A residency program that allows students to learn kinetically. Interactive games, songs and stories that teach American Sign Language (ASL) is not just for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Highly recommended for any school that has Deaf students in its population. Participants learn that they can use ASL to communicate, study vocabulary words, reinforce curriculum and more. At the end of the one week program students will be able to sign a song or story and present it for their parents, or another group of students.

Mix and Match

(Preschool - Junior High; one day to one week) Instead of focusing on one discipline, teachers are free to choose from any of our Hands-on, Minds-on Workshops to fill out the school day or week.

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