Going every where,
Oh, Where will they be next?
Zipping around from place to place,
Always on the go.

It spells GOZA!!!!! ~By Kiaya Steele (age 11) of Massachusetts

Dennis and Kimberly Goza left their home in San Francisco in 1992 with their son Zephyr (who was still in diapers) to perform at schools and libraries across the United States. And have been traveling and performing ever since. The Goza family performed together professionally as "The Act!vated Storytellers" since Zephyr was about 4 years old. In May of 2008, Zephyr decided to retire when he turned 18 and is now living in Rhode Island.

The Gozas are notorious nomads - rarely staying in one place for more than two days. They relish exploring America, touring across the country year-round to ambitiously seek out new experiences that enrich their lives and those around them.

Dennis Goza

Who is under that Wolf mask? Why it's Dennis Goza

Dennis writes the witty scripts and music for Activated Story Theatre, being sure to add a little something for everyone to laugh at and learn from. He is an award-winning poet, author of Tortoise Dances and has had his music featured on the nationally syndicated "Dr. Demento Show". He won the 1st runner up in The Great American Song Contest for the Lyrics in 2010, and has won many other awards for writing. He is also the family cook.

Dennis on stage in 2019-20 season

Tortoise ....................The Tortoise and the Hare

Brother, Moon....................Hina Moves to the Moon

Coyote....................The Coyote and the Eagle

Pharoah.................... The Egyptian Cinderella

Kimberly Goza

Kimberly Goza stars as Little Red Riding Hood

Kimberly directs the shows, adding as much physical comedy as humanly possible. She trained as a dancer and serves as the company's primary "fall guy". The Portales News-Tribune says "Kimberly is quite active during the shows turning handstands and doing physical comedy that would put Jim Carrey to shame." She makes all the sets, costumes and props and does the driving, logging up to 600 miles a day. And she handles the bookings. You can also blame her for this Web site.

Kimberly on stage this season

Hare....................The Tortoise and the Hare

Hina....................Hina Moves to the Moon

Eagle....................The Coyote and the Eagle

Rhodopis, Advisor....................The Egyptian Cinderella

Zephyr Goza

Zephyr Goza duals his mother in a Shakespeare production

Zephyr can still be heard on the occasional Activated Stories Podcasts. He began performing while he was still in diapers, doing TV and radio commercials, as well as Act!vated productions with his mom and dad. He is the author of "Crevice Tales" a series of fantasy adventure books for young adults, as well as a novel, "The Tomato Soup Chronicles". He can currently be found working at 5 W!ts in the New England area. Coincindence he found a job at a place that makes an "i" out of an "!"? We think not.