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What is a Kraken? A Kraken is a mythical creature that is 1/2 sea monster and 1/2 something else.

Paper Kite

Make a Kraken Kite

What you need

Optional: colored paper, stuff to color with (crayons, pens), surveyors tape (available at hardware stores)

How to make the Kraken Kite

  1. Open and print a copy of the Kraken Kite on a standard 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper. (It is a PDF file - you will need a version of Adobe to open it. It's free.) Try loading the printer with some bright colored paper to make a bright kite.
  2. The kraken is unfinished - add more details, add a background and color it in. Let your imagination be your guide. Remember a kraken is half octopus, half sea-serpent and half something else!
  3. Fold your kite in half with the kraken on the outside.
  4. Then fold each side back in half again. So that your paper is in fourths - sort of like a paper airplane. If you stand your paper on end it should make a W.
  5. Find the top and fold the two top corners back to make triangles.
  6. Tape one end of the 10" piece of string along the edge of one of the triangles and do the same thing on the other side.
  7. Tie a loop in the middle of the string. This is where you will attach the kite string.
  8. Every kite needs a tail. Tape on a long strip of newspaper or a bright piece of surveyors' tape - about a foot long.
  9. Now all you need is the string. Just tie one end to the loop. Make a good knot, you don't want it to fly away!
  10. You're ready to fly your kraken kite. Once you find a clear spot no trees and no power lines.

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