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About the Activated Actors

Entertaining plays adapted from multicultural folk tales

Act!vated Story Theatre is in perpetual motion both on stage and off. On stage the actors are a whirlwind of action, incorporating a wide variety of performance art skills to entertain, dazzle and educate kids of all ages. Off stage, they seek inspiring adventures everywhere they go. For 32 years, they have driven across the continental U.S. year-round in an RV towing a trailer full of props, costumes and sets, in order to bring the magic of theatre to communities, often in remote areas. Now, they are expanding their audience globally, by offering virtual theatre online and visiting underserved children worldwide.

About L'Eau Theque Productions

Act!vated Story Theatre is the national touring theatre division of L'Eau Theque Productions a non-profit corporation 501 (c) 3, begun in 1988 by Dennis and Kimberly Goza, to serve and educate the general public by means of theatrical presentations. In the past, L'Eau Theque Productions has produced several nationally touring productions for children and their families including a production of "A Christmas Carol" which toured to main stage performance halls and featured a cast of seven professional actors. We also have mounted shows for adult audiences. As the name L'Eau Theque (low tech) implies, the philosophy is to keep technical requirements simple. We use common household objects in unusual, imaginative ways. The goal is to inspire and encourage audiences to read, and explore the performing arts.

Mission Statement
  • to provide audiences of all ages with theatrical entertainment that educates and encourages independent thought
  • to preserve the folklore and literature of many cultures and historical eras, and to demonstrate that folklore is a living, evolving entity
  • to provide children an opportunity to express themselves through writing and theatrical performance
  • to help educators learn productive ways to foster creativity and self-esteem among students
  • to stress the common heritage of diverse cultures, including ethnic minorities and the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

2 minute video giving you a sneak peek of what went on backstage during a 45 minute show
Brick Seller scene from Three Little Pigs

The Gozas

Act!vated Story Theatre denotes the husband and wife team "The Goza Family", the heart and soul of L'Eau Theque Productions. They wear a lot of hats to produce and perform the show. The Gozas are notorious nomads - rarely staying in one place for more than two days. They relish exploring America, touring across the country year-round, since 1992, to ambitiously seek out new experiences that enrich their lives and those around them.

Dennis Goza

Dennis writes the witty scripts and music for Activated Story Theatre, being sure to add a little something for everyone to laugh at and learn from. He is an award-winning poet, author of "Tortoise Dances" and has had his music featured on the nationally syndicated "Dr. Demento Show". He has had several plays produced in festivals nationwide and has won many other awards for writing.

Kimberly Goza

Kimberly directs the shows, adding as much physical comedy as humanly possible. She trained as a dancer and serves as the company's primary "fall guy". The Portales News-Tribune says "Kimberly is quite active during the shows turning handstands and doing physical comedy that would put Jim Carrey to shame." She makes all the sets, costumes and props and does most of the driving. You can also blame her for this Web site.

Zephyr Goza

Zephyr can still be heard on the occasional Activated Stories Podcasts. He began performing while he was still in diapers, doing TV and radio commercials, as well as Act!vated productions with his mom and dad. He is the author of "Crevice Tales" a series of fantasy adventure books for young adults, as well as a novel, "The Tomato Soup Chronicles". He can currently be found working at 5 W!ts in the New England area. Coincidence he found a job at a place that makes an "i" out of an "!"? We think not.

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You can support the creative endeavor of making high quality theatre accessible to all. If you are passionate about inspiring children to read and explore theatre arts you can help. Your donations will help the Act!vated Actors reach more children in underserved communities. All donations are tax deductible and we guarantee that 100% goes towards bringing theatre to children in underserved communities. Please consider giving what you can. Anything helps.

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