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Among certain Native American Tribes it is the custom for the storyteller to carry around a bag of objects, reach in, pull out something and say "This reminds me of a story." The Act!vated Storytellers have reached into their bag of tales to offer you four Act!vated Stories.

Out of the Bag audio collection features all four of the following stories:

  • The Coyote and The Eagle - a nature tale told by the Zuñi tribe of New Mexico. Coyote is the legendary trickster found in many Native American legends. This story about the origin of the moon can be found in many versions among many tribes.
  • Orpheus - a myth from ancient Greece in which Orpheus, a wonderful musician, travels to the Underworld so he can try to bring back his dead wife, Eurydice. But he makes a big mistake that teaches him a valuable lesson. If you enjoy Hercules - this story is for you!
  • Anansi Goes Fishing - a trickster tale from Africa. Usually Anansi the spider plays tricks on the other animals, but this time, things are a little different.
  • Juan Bobo (John the Fool) - from Mexico and Central America is one of the "noodle head" stories found all over the world. "Noodle heads" do many foolish things, but they find wisdom and good fortune in the end.

Out of the Bag is available on CD Baby and at live performances. Or check it out at your library.

Photos from the recording studio

Zephyr recording vocals for "Out of the Bag" Dennis recording "Out of the Bag"  at Studio V

OUT OF THE BAG was recorded at Studio V, Jonesboro, AR – - Produced by L'Eau Theque Productions. ©2000 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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