Festive October

We’ve spent a great deal of time in New England this fall, and not just because of the foliage – although it would have been worth detouring to see. This has been just about the most splendid October we’ve witnessed in all our years of touring the East Coast, with a coat of many colors that seemed to arrive several weeks earlier than usual.

George Cohan
George Cohan

But we also spent some time with our son Zephyr, who lives in Providence in a classic fourth-floor flat with four classy and lovable roommates. They live a short walk away from Brown University, and just around the corner from a plaque marking the site where songwriter George M. Cohan (“Yankee Doodle Dandy”, “Give My Regards to Broadway”, “Over There”) was born. He’s been called “the father of the American musical”, and it seems entirely fitting that Zephyr, who (just like Cohan) was raised “in a trunk” and grew up performing with his parents, should take up residence in this neighborhood.

Speaking of performing, we had a chance to catch Zephyr performing with the “shadow cast” of a screening of “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. If your response to this is “Huh????”, then you just have to be there to understand.

Espionage at 5 Wits
Espionage at 5 Wits

We also dropped in on him at work one day, and what a fantastic place he works at. It’s called Espionage, and… well, you just have to go there to understand. Located next to Gillette Stadium (where the New England Patriots play home football games, much to the annoyance of Espionage workers who have to deal with the traffic), it offers you a chance to be a spy on a dangerous mission for an hour or so, working your way through concealed chambers to find clues and defeat the evil enemy. Great fun!

And something else also happens in October. What was it, now? Oh yes, that. First, we spent a weekend scaring people at Field of Screams, a fun haunt in rural Rhode Island (not affiliated with the attraction in Pennsylvania having the same name). Then we spent three weeks performing at Monster Mania, set up in a ballroom at the massive Foxwoods Resort-Casino on Mashantauket Pequot land in Connecticut. It was a delightful group to work with, and we had the fringe benefits of being able to keep the RV parked on the property, and getting a badge that entitled us to free meals in an employee cafeteria. Not a bad gig!

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