The Royal Road

Mar. 18-19

We passed through Tupelo, MS, which is the birthplace of Elvis Presley. Not being fanatically fond of The King, we didn’t go out of our way to track down the house where he was born and pay our money to tour it and the adjoining museum. In fact, we really just stopped in town long enough to get online and briefly take care of some business. And it turns out that just about the only free place to do so was at the public library. And just outside the building was a plaque commemorating the day in 1949 when the 14-year-old Elvis dropped in with his mom to apply for his first library card.

Then it was on through Memphis, where he later lived and died. We’ve never toured Graceland (the admission price is REALLY outrageous) though we’ve certainly driven by there many times. And we did take the fascinating tour of Sun Studios, where Elvis and other rockabilly stars recorded many of their hits.

Then it was on to visit Dennis’ parents at a small town in Arkansas. And even this didn’t take us off the trail of the King. One day in 1955, the future superstar performed at the local high school, and again that night at a local club.

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