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The following stories are presented in slide show format in a separate browser window. They will automatically loop so, just X out when you are done.

Click to view the Vasalisa slide show
(from Russia)

Click to view the Golden Pitcher slide show
The Golden Pitcher
(from Mongolia)

Click to view the slide show of How the Ice-Cream Cone was Invented
The Ice Cream Cone
(from St. Louis, MO)

The slide shows were pieced together from photos from the show "Eureka! Tales of Discovery" which toured the U.S. in 2003-2004. The story of "How the Ice Cream Cone was Invented" was also a part of "Under Your Nose - Exploring the Obvious". Please note: the text in the slide shows are a simplified version of the stage show.

Photo credit: taken 7/2/03 at the Hannibal Library in Missouri by audience member Jeanne McCarran

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