Entertaining Shows for Family Audiences

Silly Monkey

Act!vated Story Theatre tours across the U.S. and internationally to present educational shows at schools, libraries, theatres, museums or anywhere children and their families gather. They coined the term "act!vated" because nothing else comes close to describing the dynamic theatrical style used to present stories.

This page provides a brief overview of shows available.

Three options for a variety of venues

1. Theatre for International and Main Stages

"Monkeyshines and Fox Jinks"

“Monkeyshines and Fox Jinks” consists of two humorous stories about facing nuisances. “The Hat Seller and the Monkey”, from Africa, involves a Hat Seller facing off against a mischievous monkey that has stolen all his hats. It challenges the audience to follow the action presented entirely in pantomime set to music, without dialogue. “Tops and Bottoms”, from Scandinavia, is about a sly Fox who faces down and out-wits a bullying Bear. Presented in the style of a cartoon, this classic trickster tale features pantomime to music in addition to dialogue, slapstick, comical props and masks. (This show can fly, but travel rates may apply.)

2. Multicultural Folktale Theatre

A 45 minute Folktale Theatre featuring two stories; ideal for school assembly programs and library reading programs.

Plus a collection of Jewish folktales, suitable for all audiences.

3. Solo Teller Stories

One storyteller takes the stage and tells stories with a few props.

“…professionally done and in lines with the SC standards. A professional duo that exhibits fast moving physical comedy while using American Sign Language which allows even the hearing impaired an opportunity to enjoy an action packed show. From the onset of the show, Act!vated Story Theatre displays an oversized storybook that immediately commands the attention of the entire audience. They provide plenty of audience participation and tell their stories verbally as well as through mime. The stories are presented in a manner that even the youngest child can understand.” ~Judy Winkle, Arts Coordinator, Westview Primary School, Goose Creek, SC


Classroom Workshops and Residency Programs

Send a booking request, call (800) 429-6576 or send us an Email to schedule a date or request more information.

"When Kimberly threads her whole body through the oval of a tennis racket it is visual comedy worthy of Lucille Ball herself." ~Timothy Tomasik, Youth Services Librarian, Cordova, CA