June 2016 - May 2017
Tales Afoot

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“Tales Afoot” is now touring the nation through May 2017. Each show features TWO (2) of the following stories.

The Hare gets dragged offstage in the Tortoise and the Hare
Tricked by a Troll
Stomalong fights the Kraken

The Tortoise and the Hare

From Aesop’s Fables, this timeless tale pits the brash, obnoxious hare against the patient, dedicated tortoise in a race that will give the tortoise the chance to win the respect of the hare and his fellow hares who are always harassing the tortoises. Does he succeed? No fair peeking at the Cliffs Notes. (recommended for ages 2 to 3 rd grade) Podcast read-along version

Racing the Troll

The stakes are high indeed when an aspiring dancer must race a devious troll who gave her a pair of wonderful new shoes to dance in. She didn’t know there were strings attached to the gift, and now she must defeat the troll in a foot race to reclaim her very soul. But he’s faster, so she must rely on her brains instead of her feet. (recommended for 1st – 6th grade) (podcast version)

Stormalong Races The Steam Engine

In what might be called John Henry at Sea, the legendary larger-than-life American sailor Alfred Bulltop Stormalong pits his ship against a newfangled steamship. It’s man versus machine, courage versus craftiness and innovation versus tradition. (recommended for 1st – 6th grade) (Read one version of Old Stormalong)

The Gingerbread Man

From Great Britain comes this cumulative fable about a gingerbread man that decides he’d rather run away than stay with the kindly old woman who baked him. His crusty adventure has him eluding a series of animal pursuers who want to devour him, taunting each of them in turn with his rhyming boast about how up to speed he is. (recommended for ages 2 to 3rd grade) (podcast version)

Also available:

Perseus and Medusa In this classic of Greek mythology, the heroic Perseus defeats the horrible Medusa by taking an indirect rather than a direct approach. (recommended 3rd-8th grade) (podcast)

Coyote and Eagle A Native American myth of how the moon came to be in the sky, originally told by the Zuni tribe of New Mexico. Our heroes, Coyote and Eagle may not agree on how to get the job done, lending to some comical antics, but at the end of the day they succeed. (recommended for preK-4th) (podcast)

Something From Nothing A poetic tale from Eastern Europe about the importance of tradition, heritage and family ties. A retired tailor makes a blanket for his granddaughter from fabric that his grandmother had made. When she wears out the blanket, he turns it into something else, and something else, and so on. In the end the girl learns the importance of writing things down so others can read about them. (recommended for age 2 to 4th grade) Podcast read along version.

"Activated Story Theatre was awesome! We see a play every year, but this is the first time many of our teachers came to me to tell how wonderful it was. We were all very pleased!" ~Julie Haught, Second Grade Teacher/Assembly Coordinator, Mount Dora, FL


Fun educational shows for:

school assemblies - school family nights - after-school programs -
library reading programs - theaters - family audiences - museums - community groups

Every show is presented by professional performers and features witty scripts, costumes, imaginative props, music, song and dance, masks and puppets, nonstop action, American Sign Language, physical comedy and audience participation. All set before a gigantic oversized book that encourages reading and promotes a love of literature.

Enrich the Learning Experience:

Yes, we sign!

American Sign Language
in every show

Eager kids gather after the show to discuss the books they found

Parts for Kids:

30 minute pre-show workshop/rehearsal included. Some of the stories include roles for up to 12 kids to play. The guest stars attend a pre-show rehearsal 1/2 hour before show time. Students will learn their roles, some will have speaking parts. All will learn acting techniques, don costumes and enjoy the applause.

Library Bonus:

Tales Afoot featuresl tales with an element of racing, are chosen to highlight the summer reading program theme “Ready, Set, Read”. At the end of library performances the performers encourage the audience to find and check out books related to the show.

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful performances in our two schools. The teachers and students are still buzzing about how great it was." ~Phyllis Boswell, Assembly Coordinator, Crawsfordville, IN


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