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Multicultural Folktale Theatre

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Fun educational shows for:

school assemblies - school family nights - after-school programs -
library reading programs - theaters - family audiences - museums - community groups

Every show is presented by professional performers and features witty scripts, costumes, imaginative props, music, song and dance, masks and puppets, nonstop action, American Sign Language, physical comedy and audience participation. All set before a gigantic oversized book that encourages reading and promotes a love of literature.

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Hat Seller and the Monkey

2018-19 Tour Season
Tuneful Tales

Every show features two of the following stories, chosen because they highlight or incorporate music. Tuneful Tales will be available nationwide beginning June 2018 through April 2019.

The Hat Seller and the Monkey: A comic little escapade from Mali, performed entirely in pantomime set to original music. (view scenes from the show)

Orpheus: The classic Greek legend about the most powerful musician of all time, whose music could move not only people, but also trees and rocks.

Tops and Bottoms: A trickster tale from Scandinavia that alternates musical pantomime with scenes featuring dialogue. (view clips from the show)

The Boy Who Wanted a Drum: A cumulative story from India about a poor boy who really, really wanted a drum of his own so he could rock out.

Parts for Kids:

30 minute pre-show workshop/rehearsal included. Some of the stories include roles for up to 12 kids to play. The guest stars attend a pre-show rehearsal 1/2 hour before show time. Students will learn their roles, some will have speaking parts. All will learn acting techniques, don costumes and enjoy the applause.

2017-18 Tour Season
Hammer, Nail, Tell a Tale

Featuring story options that encourage us all to build a better world. Two of the following stories in every 45 minute show. Available nationwide through April 2017.

The Three Little Pigs

Our version of the quaint little story everyone knows, about how three porcine siblings learn, through some rather risky trial and error, to build their houses out of the strongest possible materials to keep the wolf from the door.

Three Little Pigs on stage

Anansi and the Story Box

The famous West African arachnid trickster returns, in a story about how he goes on a quest assigned by the great sky god Nyame in order to earn the right to bring a box of stories down to earth, building a legacy to inspire future generations.

The Shadow Builders

A legend from Turkey about Karagöz and Hacivat, two joke-telling construction workers who inspired the popular shadow puppet characters named after them.

Old Joe and the Carpenter

A humorous Appalachian legend about how a traveling carpenter teaches two feuding mountaineers that good fences don’t really make the best neighbors.

Enrich the Learning Experience:

Library Bonus:

At the end of library performances the performers encourage the audience to find and check out books related to the show.

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American Sign Language
in every show