Non-Profit Corporation

L'Eau Theque Productions, a non-profit corporation 501(c)(3) was formed in 1988, to serve and educate the general public by means of theatrical presentations.

Mission Statement

The objectives of L'Eau Theque Productions and Act!vated Story Theatre are

  • to provide audiences of all ages with theatrical entertainment that educates and encourages independent thought
  • to preserve the folklore and literature of many cultures and historical eras, and to demonstrate that folklore is a living, evolving entity
  • to provide children an opportunity to express themselves through writing and theatrical performance
  • to help educators learn productive ways to foster creativity and self-esteem among students
  • to stress the common heritage of diverse cultures, including ethnic minorities and the Deaf/Hard of Hearing


In the past, L'Eau Theque Productions has produced several nationally touring productions for children and their families including a production of "A Christmas Carol" which toured to main stage performance halls and featured a cast of seven professional actors. We also have mounted shows for adult audiences. As the name L'Eau Theque (low tech) implies, the philosophy is to keep technical requirements simple. We use common household objects in unusual, imaginative ways. The goal is to inspire and encourage audiences to read, and explore the performing arts.

Act!vated Storytellers / Act!vated Story Theatre denotes The Goza Family, the heart and soul of L'Eau Theque Productions. They wear a lot of hats to produce and perform the show.

Board of Directors

  • Craig Corson
  • Dennis Goza
  • Ishita Edwards
  • Kimberly Goza
  • Kim Nava
"Your show was high energy and lots of fun, and professional even though the audience was large, you kept them actively involved all the way." ~Carol VanBaalen, Children's Librarian, Des Moines, WA



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(LOV) Fremont, Newark and Union City, California

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School shows

Professional Storyteller

funding availablePossible Funding Sources for Venues

  • $ Available: Eligible for New England States Touring (NEST/ New England Foundation for the Arts) applications due the 1st of March for dates in August, and 1st of June for Fall dates. Libraries and Schools offering programs open to the public are eligible.
  • $ Available: LOV funding available for schools in Fremont, Newark and Union City, California
  • Check for a list of funding sources

Grant Applications

We will work with you on grant applications and have a few ideas. Please contact us with your proposal.

We appreciate your support

You Give, We Give Back

Your donations are tax deductible and every penny goes directly to funding arts for schools. For every $400 raised in private donations (lump sum or combined donations) we donate one show for up to 250 children. You may remain annoymous or join our list of donors. at PayPal

Thanks to You!

The following events were made possible thanks to our Act!vated Fans

  • Horizon school serving students with Cerebral Palsy in New Jersey in September 2010.
  • In June 2011, we made the day a little brighter for hundreds of children at the local YMCA who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina in Joplin, MO.

Venues Requesting Funding Support

for School Shows

First check the green sidebar for possible funding sources in your area. We are currently working on several fundraising campaigns.

  • Schools requesting subsidized shows are required to actively assist in fundraising efforts.
  • Schools must be located within 100 miles of a show already on our tour itinerary or along the route between two shows, and schools must book an available date within the same time frame.
  • Please send us an email and outline your needs and request.

for School Theatre Residency Programs

Funding support for Residency Programs may be available. Email us.

for Libraries, Museums and other Community Centers

Email us for current funding opportunities.

Thanks to our Supporters

Thanks to Google, Inc. for donating the adsense campaign to help promote public shows.

Target logoThanks to Target for funding

  • two (2) Aritist-in-Residency Programs in the 2014-15
  • thirteen (13) Artist-in-Residency Programs in the 2013-14 school year
  • three (3) Artist-in-Residency Programs in the 2012-2013 school year

Thanks to the following individuals for their generous support

  • Wally Dury
  • Larry and Pearl Krupka
  • Shawn and Annette Hall
  • Ishita and Rex Edwards
"The sign language was very helpful for the children who are acquiring the english language." ~Osmarys Ruiz, Whittier, CA