Act!vated Story Theatre promotes reading, folktales, performing arts, and families learning and having fun together! Presented by the homeschooling ...err... make that the "roadschooling" Goza family.

Coyote and Eagle

Host a Show

We'll bring the show to your group. Act!vated Shows are ideal for mixed age groups. The physicallity in the performance appeals to infants and toddlers, while kids enjoy getting involved in the stories and the adults appreciate the witty scripts that include humor just for them. All ages are wowed by the tennis racket trick and the chance to learn American Sign Language.

All you need to host a show is an indoor location with a performance area of at least 12' x 12' and room for up to 250 parents and homeschoolers. Send a booking request and find out when the act!vators will be touring your area.

The program includes a pre-show drama workshop for up to 12 kids (age 6 and up). The guest stars rehearse with the performers for a half hour, learning acting skills and parts in the show.

Attend a Public Show

Bring your family or your homeschool group to the public shows sponsored by local libraries and other community organizations. Check the tour itinerary for show locations, dates and times. Be sure to contact your local librarian if you plan on bringing more than 10 people.

There is a performance opportunity for up to 12 kids (age 6 and up) who arrive one half-hour before show time.

Be sure to RSVP on Facebook. RSVP on Facebook

Yes, we sign!

American Sign Language
in every show

Check the Unschooling Emporium
for Act!vated CDs and other products
created by and for unschoolers.

Use our Study Guides for pre-show and post show activities to maximize the learning experience.

Please note that programs held at schools are not open to the public but, you may be able to make arrangements with the school. Doesn't hurt to ask! We'll do what we can to help you.

Share the information about free public shows with your friends and homeschool groups in your area. Tweet! Facebook. Blog. It all helps. The more audience members that come to the show the happier we all are. We promise your friends will thank you.

Performing with our son throughout the years

Alias Don Quixote The Knee High ManOld Stormalong Publicity shotShakespeare Shazam
And now he's out on his own doing Shakespeare in the park - video recorded in August 2012).

HSC 2007
The Goza Family were feature presenters at the California Homeschool Conference in August 2007 and 2013.

Article in HEM Magazine (11/2006)

Homeschool Conferences

Entertaining shows that will engage the kids and families at your kid-friendly Home Education Conference. Plus Hands-on Minds-on Workshops for kids, families and/or adults. Recommended workshop titles include:

  • Hand Play (American Sign Language) - all ages
  • Performing Arts - kids/teens
  • Writing Stories - kids
  • Life on the Road
  • Homeschooling on the Go (a.k.a. Roadschooling)
  • World History (as related to stories)
  • Stories about U.S. - call it Geography if you must

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Download flyer- PDF format
Download a flyer to print and share with your favorite library or school. (PDF format).

About Shows for Homeschool Groups

All we need is an indoor space with a performance area of approximately 12' x 12' (such as a meeting room at a church, library, campground or community center) and a group of enthusiastic people.

"Our favorite parts were the interaction with children and great humor, also the pantomime and physical comedy." ~Jason Sosnak, Corapolis, PA



Hands-on Minds-on Workshops can be arranged after the show for groups of up to 30 participants each.

Individual workshops may also be scheduled for homeschooled groups that wish to piggy back with shows scheduled in your area.

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"My son participated in the play. It was his favorite part!" ~Gina Morgan and 9 year old son, Des Plaines, IL