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The Dragon of Krakow

The Dragon of Krakow

Dragon of Krakow Script Sample (PDF file stored on Google Drive)

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About the Story

The Dragon Of Krakow is a legend from Poland about a ferocious dragon that terrorizes the village after being awakened by three mischievous kids. One of them is a shoemaker's apprentice, who uses his imagination and resourcefulness to come up with a way to defeat the dragon after all the soldiers, scientists and engineers fail to do so.

There are 10 principal roles, with an ensemble of soldiers, scientists, engineers, sheep and villagers that can be as large as 30 or so. Running time is 25 to 30 minutes.

Cast of Characters

(4 males, 1 female, 5 of either gender, plus flexible number of extras)

Narrator: male or female, any age
Gustaw (Gustav): M, cobbler, 60 to 70
Wiktor (Victor): M, cobbler's apprentice, about 12
Norbert: M, Wiktor's friend, about 12
Bibiana: F, Wiktor's friend, about 12
Baker: M or F, any age
Shepherd: M or F, any age
Schoolchild(ren): M or F, age 10 to 15
Dragon: M or F
Captain: M, undetermined age
Soldiers, Scientists and Engineers, Villagers, Sheep


The streets of Krakow, Poland; inside the cobbler's shop; on Wawel Hill; inside a cave.

The Bridge and the Dream

discovering a treasure in the Bridge and the Dream

Bridge and the Dream Script Sample (PDF file stored on Google Drive)

Listen to the podcast version of The Bridge and the Dream: The Man Who Dreamed of His Fortune (audio)

About the Story

The Bridge and the Dream is a story from the Ottoman Empire (now Turkey) that made its way into the Arabian Nights. It tells the story of a poor man who dreams of finding his fortune in a faraway land, and undertakes a long, difficult journey to Egypt to locate a bridge he saw in his dream, because he expects to find a treasure under the bridge. When he arrives, he does not find this fortune, but he hears of someone else's dream about such a treasure buried back at his home in Istanbul, where it has been under his nose all along.

There are seven principal roles, which may be played by as few as four performers. Additionally, there is an optional scene with ensemble roles, including as many as 10 Thieves (with lines) and several Police (without lines). The full version with this scene included will accommodate a cast of 30 or more. Recorded music is available for the dream sequence, providing an opportunity for the Genie, who performs in pantomime, to dance as well. Running time is approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

Cast of Characters

(2 males, 2 female, 3 of either gender, plus flexible number of extras)

Narrator 1: male or female, any age
Narrator 2: male or female, any age
Hasan: the junk man, age 40 to 50
Ruya: Hasan's wife, about the same age
Genie: female, dancer, undetermined age
Vendor: male or female, any age
Policeman: male, undetermined age
Optional: Camel, (2-10) Thieves , Additional Police (Narrators may double roles of Genie, Vendor and Policeman)


The front of the Junk Man's house in Istanbul; the streets of Cairo; and the route between the two.

Egyptian Cinderella - click for current touring production

Egyptian Cinderella Sample Script Page (PDF file stored on Google Drive)

Listen to the podcast version of The Egyptian Cinderella (audio)

See the Egyptian Cinderella Study Guide for additional learning activites.

The Egyptian Cinderella

About the Story

It's the oldest Cinderella story in the world, and it may even be partly true! Almost every country and culture in the world has its own version of the Cinderella story, and it's possible that many of them were inspired by this entertaining tale from ancient Egypt about a prince who was about to become the Pharaoh known as Amasis II, who according to legend married a Greek slave girl known as Rhodopis.

This adaptation interprets the story in a high-energy, comic fashion with plenty of opportunities for physical comedy and creative costuming. The script, with an approximate running time of 25 minutes, offers roles for at least ten actors, and has the flexibility of allowing for several more. There is an option to use a puppet if desired, and to incorporate music and dancing. We offer original music, with an Egyptian flavor, for download to use with this production if needed.

Cast Of Characters

(1 male, 5 female, 5 of either gender, plus flexible number of extras)

Narrator 1: M or F, any age
Narrator 2: M or F, any age
Rhodopis: (the Egyptian Cinderella) F, about 20
Slave 1: F, any age
Slave 2: F, any age
Master: M or F, any age
Prince Amasis: M, age 20
Hiero: (the prince's adviser) M or F, any age
Swoop: (the Prince's pet falcon) M or F, any age
Maiden 1: F, 18 to 30
Maiden 2: F, 18 to 30
Pirates, Slaves, Musicians, Other Maidens

The use of two narrators is optional; if preferred, all narrator lines may be spoken by one performer. Slave girls may double as Maidens, and Master may double as Hiero.


Ancient Greece and Egypt; an Egyptian palace; the fields, streets and countryside nearby.

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