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Act!vated Story Theatre of L'Eau Theque Productions have been bringing literature based productions to schools, libraries, theatres, museums, bookstores, and other places where children and their families gather, since 1988.

Promotes reading, folk tales, performing arts, and families learning and having fun together!

  • Recommended for pre-K to Middle School and family audiences (ages 2 to 102)
  • Running Time: approximately 45 minutes
  • No Travel Fees Save on travel expenses when you book a show when we are touring in your area. Sign up for our newsletter for block booking discount notices.
  • No Busing. We bring the show to your venue.

Shows for assembly programs are designed to help schools meet core curriculum standards in Fine Arts, English and History. Study guides are available for teachers.

Perfect for Family Nights and After-School Programs

Standard Rates

Rates are based on the number of people attending. Audience size is limited to 250 per show.

How do we keep our rates so low? We've eliminated the middleman / booking agent who mark up costs and make matters confusing. You deal directly with the Act!vated Actors when you call to book or ask any questions.

Multicultural Folktale Theatre:

Two professional performers perform two witty folktales in front of the world's largest picture book, with props, costumes, music and more. Running time is 45 minutes.


  • One Show: $485 (up to 250 people)
  • Two Shows: $397.50 each (up to 500 people)
  • Three Shows: $332 each (up to 750 people)


  • Two Shows: $447 each (up to 250 people per show)
  • Three Shows: $375 each (up to 250 people per show)

Performance Space: approximately 12'x12' , must be indoors.


SAVE $$ We offer 10% off for block bookings on multiple days. Community groups (IE two schools, a school and a library) are encouraged to schedule together to take advantage of block booking rates. Different stories can be presented at each site if preferred.

TRAVEL FEES WAIVED if you book when we are touring your general area. Travel Fees apply for shows not booked during planned during pre-determined tour dates. Otherwise travel fees include air and ground transportation, meals and lodging for two.

Artist-in-Residencies for Schools

Residency programs include shows for the entire student body plus workshops to fill out the school day. Add $250 to include Family Night

We don't just tell stories -
Performing with hat wearing stick figures
we Act!vate them


Extend the learning experience with our hands-on, minds-on workshops. Workshops are 30-45 minutes long, for up to 30 participants per session.

  • Workshop in conjunction with show $54
  • Stand-Alone Workshop -without a show $175 (limited availability)

Typical Tour Circuit

Act!vated Story Theatre brings shows to students all over the United States and beyond. During the summer months the typical tour circuit takes the show from the West Coast (early June); to the MidWest (mid to late June/early July); to the East Coast (July/August). In the fall we perform at schools and libraries in all of the states along Northeastern Seaboard. In early November we start heading south towards South Carolina - performing as we go. In January Florida becomes basecamp. In late February/early March we dash west dropping in and performing at all of the venues we can in states lying along our path. By late March/early April we perform along the entire West Coast. Then (deep breath) in May we do a bit of performing while we rehearse new shows and start the process all over again.

Discounts for group block bookings. Shows may be scheduled at different locations, and different groups are encouraged split the fees. Up to four shows may be scheduled in one day at a maximum of three different locations. Please check the tour schedule for other shows scheduled in your general area.

In addition to school assemblies and library reading programs, the shows are well suited for theatres, museums, after school programs, scouts, hospitals, daycares and any indoor location where children and their families gather.

Shows may be scheduled at night and on weekends.

Promotional materials are included for all shows open to the public. Study Guides are provided.

funding available

Funding may be available

We make every reasonable effort to work with your budget and have successfully applied for several grants. Please check our funding guidelines and send an email or call us (800) 429-6576 before deciding you can't afford it.

To schedule a show send us an email or call us toll free at (800) 429-6576.

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