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Many fools do foolish things, but in these tales they find wisdom and good fortune in the end.

KNOW FOOLING is an audio collection features all four of the following multicultural stories (No Fooling!

Fool's hat

  • Jack and the Beans Talk - the slightly altered version of a classic English tale about a boy who takes action without considering the consequences. Fortunately he gains wisdom just in time. (read the story online)
  • The Golden Pitcher - a tale from Mongolia that we believe deserves to be better known. A foolish emperor places too much value on appearances, until he learns a valuable lesson. (read the story online)
  • The Knee High Man - an African-American story about a tiny man who goes to extremes to be like everyone else.
  • Simple Ivan - from Russia, is one of the "noodle head" stories, appearing in many forms among many cultures, about a foolish lad who applies the right advice to the wrong situation, with hilarious results.

Know Fooling is available on CD Baby and at live performances. Or check it out at your library.

Shots from the recording studio

Dennis recording Know FoolingKimbelry recording Know FoolingZephyr recording Know Fooling Keith mixing Know Fooling

Know Fooling


KNOW FOOLING was recorded at Studio V, Jonesboro, AR in November and December of 2002. Produced by L'Eau Theque Productions. ©2002 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED