Compact Discs, digital stories, theatre scripts for student productions written and recorded by the Gozas.

Scripts for Students

We now offer scripts for students stepping onto stage at their school.

Stories on Compact Discs

The Act!vated Actors have reached into their bag of tales to offer you three collections of Activated Stories.

Each professionally recorded audio collection features multicultural tales that have been proven audience favorites at thousands of schools, libraries and other venues across the US. Enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Recommended for long and short car trips!

Know Fooling

Featuring the stories of

  • Jack and the Beans Talk Yes, the beans actually talk!
  • The Golden Pitcher a story of age and wisdom from Mongolia
  • The Knee High Man an African-American folktale
  • Simple Ivan a simpleton story from Russia

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Out of the Bag

Includes the following stories

  • The Coyote and The Eagle a Native American legend of how the moon came to be in the sky
  • Orpheus the Greek tale of undying love
  • Anansi Goes Fishing a trickster tale from the Ashanti Tribe of Africa
  • Juan Bobo a simpleton tale from Mexico

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Save shipping and get it autographed. Know Fooling CDs are available at live shows.

American Tales of U.S.

A collection of 10 stories celebrating the American Spirit. Originally recorded for the Act!vated Stories podcast.

  1. Old Stormalong
  2. Davy Crockett
  3. Pecos Bill
  4. Paul Bunyan
  5. The Spirit Wife
  6. Niagara
  7. Pele
  8. Charlie Brown the Whaler
  9. Tappin the Land Turtle
  10. Iron Dragon

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